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What Is a Temporary Authorization of Funds?

When placing an order with your credit card statement could show two pending charges. One charge is a temporary authorization of funds (preauthorization charge) to check that there is a sufficient balance available to cover the charge. The second entry is one that will clear for the final sale. Temporary authorization transactions do not necessarily reflect the final transaction amount. After the transaction is settled, the final charge amount will be reflected in the accurate amount. The preauthorization charge may appear on your card statement as a temporary hold for a duration of time governed by your card issuer’s standard practices until the final sale posts. Please contact your card issuer if you have questions regarding how they handle authorizations and subsequent charges for online transactions.

Why does my PayPal® Account Need to be Verified and Confirmed?

Why does my PayPal® Account Need to be Verified and Confirmed?

Verifying your PayPal account and confirming your shipping address with PayPal ensures a higher level of confidence in the buying process and reduces the risk of fraud for both you and Crucial®.  PayPal requires verification that the shipment is being sent to the address used for the credit card.  This also helps protect the buyer against identity theft.

At this time, Crucial requires both Payer Verification and Address Confirmation for all orders paid by PayPal.  Both of these processes must be completed with PayPal before placing an order on  If either of these processes are incomplete, your order will be canceled. See “How do I become confirmed and verified?” below.

What is a “confirmed” shipping address?

A shipping address is confirmed if the buyer’s credit card billing address matches his or her shipping address.  Additional information on the purpose of a confirmed address and how it differs from an unconfirmed address can be found on PayPal’s site:



What is a “verified” account?

A verified account means that you have taken the steps to provide additional evidence of your identity to PayPal.  Both buyers and sellers have additional protection and benefits when using or accepting verified accounts.

How do I become confirmed and verified?

PayPal has a few simple steps to follow once you are logged in to your account. These steps might include providing PayPal additional information to prove your identity. A guide to verifying your account status can be found here:



PayPal can be contacted directly to complete both the Payer Verification and Address Confirmation processes. This information can be found on PayPal’s website, or by calling PayPal.  Also, please understand that either process is not necessarily immediate; PayPal updates can take 24-72 hours, depending on the issue.

Can I apply for a Line of Credit?

We can offer a Line of Credit with Net 30 payment terms to qualified businesses with an active order history ($2,000 or more in the past three months) or applicants who place an initial order of $2,000 or more and show potential for buying memory on a regular basis. Please note that we expect an account with a Line of Credit to be used regularly. If the Line of Credit is not used for 6 months or not paid on time, the credit terms will be inactivated.  

If you meet these requirements, please go through the application process with your next order. All Micron Commercial Products Group terms and conditions of ordering apply.

Please be aware that we will use credit reference agencies to aid our decision.

Initial applications for a Line of Credit generally take between two to three days to process. You’ll receive an email notification with the results of your application.

If approved, you may begin to place orders using your approved terms within your approved terms limits.

Can I use a Purchase Order?

All orders are placed via self-service using our online store platform. If you have an internal purchase order to reference, simply enter the number in the purchase order number field during the purchasing process.

We do not accept submitted purchase orders for assisted order placement.

Can I use Apple Pay?

Yes!  We accept Apple Pay where it's available.  Click the link below for more information on how to use Apple Pay in an online purchase.

Can I use Klarna?

Yes!  We accept Klarma.  Click the link below for more information.

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