Everything you need to know about Crucial memory

What is a memory rank?

The concept of memory rank applies to all memory module form factors, though in general it tends to matter primarily on server platforms, due to the larger amounts of memory they manage.

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What are memory timings?

If we think of memory as a race car, the module speed (MH/z) would be like the raw horse power of the engine, and the timings would be the driver of the car.

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Overview of memory chip density

The density of a memory module is determined by the small black DRAM chips that make up the memory module. The fewer chips there are on the module, the higher the density.

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Differences in memory speed and data rate

Data rate and speed are often interchangeable when someone is talking about how “fast” memory is. Data rate is how many bits a module can transfer in a given time, and speed is how many bytes it can transfer.

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Problems with your new memory?

Are you having problems with your new memory upgrade? The following guide addresses the most commonly reported errors our customers may see and their possible solutions.

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What is XMP?

Know what is Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) and how it can improve the performance of your computer - Crucial.com

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How much power does memory use?

As a rule of thumb, you want to allocate around 3 watts of power for every 8GB of DDR3 or DDR4 memory. High-performance memory such as Ballistix® parts can draw more power, especially if you overclock the voltage beyond XMP settings.

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What is dual channel memory?

he term "dual-channel memory" is being misused by some in the memory industry, which can mislead the consumer. The fact is there's no such thing as dual-channel memory.

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DDR5 systems may require memory 'training'

A small number of DDR5 systems and motherboards require a period of "training" newly installed memory to work with the system and allow access to the UEFI, or otherwise to complete the system's power-on self-test (POST).

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