PCIe Gen5 SSDs will be the future gold standard for data storage -- for peak-performance gamers, creators, and professionals who want to be part of the next-gen revolution in gaming and content creation.

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What is an SSD?

Discover what an SSD or solid state drive is and find out why it’s better for your computer than a traditional hard disk drive. Learn more with Crucial.

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How are SSDs Made?

Micron SSDs are manufactured completely in-house for higher quality. Find out more about how solid state drives are made from silicon to the finished product.

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PCIe®—A Faster Interface

The PCIe interface has been paired with the NVMe protocol to enhance the speed of SSDs. Find out more about how Crucial is using this interface to increase SSD speed.

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Active Garbage Collection

Active Garbage Collection is used with Trim to clean up SSDs. Learn more with Crucial about garbage collection and why it's important for SSD maintenance.

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Should You Defrag an SSD?

There are many questions around whether to defrag an SSD. Head to Crucial for expert advice on solid state drives and whether defragmentation is necessary.

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