Micron Commercial Products Group is committed to addressing growing environment concerns regarding electronic products. We are working diligently to design, develop, and market products that reduce environmental impact and ensure materials used in our processes do not pose a potential hazard to our employees, customers, or the environment. We strive for this through the entire life cycle of our products.

In addition to testing our products for regulatory compliance, we also meet the requirements of prominent globally recognized standards such as RoHS and WEEE. Here, we minimize the use of hazardous materials as well as offer our customers ways to properly dispose of and recycle products.

The legislative environment is continuing to change, expand, and evolve. Rather than ignore it or see it as an added burden, we embrace it as part of our responsibility of being good corporate citizens. We have offered lead-free products and RoHS compliant products for several years and in 2008, we began to offer halogen-free products as well.

As more states and countries pass recycling and hazardous material legislation, we will work to ensure our products meet the ongoing requirements.


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